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Qualified guide since 20004
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Votre guide de canyon Sylvain

The person who will accompany you is Sylvain, a qualified guide since 2004.

Sylvain is passionate about canyoning and climbing; he has 15 years of canyoning experience. He has worked as a guide on the island of La Reunion, in Guadaloupe, in the gorges of the Verdon (cimeseteau , o’limpide), in Lozere (lacazelle) and for the past ten years in the Roya valley.

Sylvain knows by heart all the canyoning routes that we would like you to discover. With Sylvain you will be in the hands of an expert, and you will have him all to yourself! He likes to say, ‘During a canyon, the aim isn’t to race; the customers are there to enjoy themselves.’ He is always willing to take his time, to allow you to get the most out of this experience.

A thrill-seeker who is always looking for new outdoor sports experiences. What makes him happy is being able to practice his favourite sports; canyoning, rock climbing, sailing, surfing and paragliding.

What he likes most about his job is being able to share and pass on his passion to others and to have the opportunity to travel and discover new ‘playing fields’!

The Roya valley is of course his favourite place; he considers it to be a unique valley packed with unexpected treasures. He also lived for ten years in the Caribbean where he had the opportunity to discover all of the small islands of the West Indies on his sail boat.

Voila! It is with complete confidence that we put you in the hands of Sylvain!

Unlike ‘over organised’ companies whose aim is to make profit, the philosophy of Canyon et Merveilles is to take our time and make sure you make the most of it!

We know that it isn’t every day that you can go canyoning.

We understand that it is important for this day out to be an unforgettable success! As a bonus, we offer you some extra services which will make the difference to your experience.

  • A departure which does not coincide with other groups, and a schedule which is organised in order to avoid the crowds in the most popular canyons (until 11 o’clock in the morning)
    If you don’t want to get up at dawn, or if you want to arrive early to make the most of the day, during your reservation we will adapt the schedule to fit with your needs.
  • You decide what rhythm suits you best
  • Canyon et Merveilles encourages car sharing to get to the canyon departure point.
  • Why not share your culinary specialities during the pic-nic, that is if they have survived the journey…. in any case your guide won’t forget to share with you the delicious olives he harvested this winter!
  • Your guide limits himself to just one outing per day in order that you have the time to advance at your own rhythm in the canyon; he gives you the time to take photos, to do all the waterslides and jumps you want and to admire the beauty of the surroundings!
  • Receive your photos for free. Your guide will of course put on his photographer costume to immortalise your greatest achievements and to take your group photos which will be available online for free, just ask!

Don’t forget the gift vouchers!
To please someone close to you with a unique activity, and offer them an unforgettable memory!

At Canyon et Merveilles we have been accompanying people for the past ten years, which is why we understand and respect your comfort. It is a pleasure for us to take good care of you and make sure you have an extraordinary day with us : Our magic formula which will make you come back again and again!